Tax Exempt Forms

If you are buying equipment or parts and are claiming tax exemption, below are state forms you can fill out and sign. If you have questions on how to fill out the forms correctly, you can call Courtney at 608-779-7097 or email her at . She can help but is not a licensed tax specialist and will direct you to the state for any questions she can not answer.

If you do not know if you are tax exempt or have more questions regarding tax exemption, the phone numbers to the Department of Revenue are listed along with the forms that can be filled out. 

WISCONSIN  608-266-2776

WI Dept of Revenue Website

EMAIL WI Dept of Revenue

Wisconsin State Tax Exempt Certificate

MINNESOTA  651-296-6181

MN Dept of Revenue Website

EMAIL MN Dept of Revenue

Minnesota State Tax Exempt Certificate 

IOWA  515-281-3114

IA Dept of Revenue Website

Message IOWA Department of Revnue

Iowa State Tax Exempt Certificate

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